Ten Brinke Group
Your reliable property partner


Bringing together tradition and innovation

Backed by a tradition of over 110 years of skilled construction, Ten Brinke has grown into an innovative international property company. With branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Greece among others, we are involved in residential, commercial and industrial building projects all over Europe.

In co-operation with other market participants in the property sector, we're active throughout all project stages, from site acquisition, acquisition of (in)completely developed projects, development of building and users' designs up to and including leasing activities, financing, planning and construction, all the way through to real estate sales and asset management.

Market-focused, we put the client's wishes right at the centre. We know what the market wants and constantly adapt our products and services to meet these demands. Our knowledge of the various stages of development and our experience of the building process reinforce each other. This is how we and our customers achieve optimum results.