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Telekom Nürnberg

Ten Brinke Projektentwicklung

As part of the Ten Brinke Group, Ten Brinke Projektentwicklung can draw on the know-how of the other firms in the group from the earliest stages of the building process. Ten Brinke Projektentwicklung develops property projects for the retail trade (shopping centres, DIY stores, supermarkets, specialist shops), logistics centres, offices, commercial and industrial buildings, fast food restaurants and service stations throughout Germany. To assist with these tasks the firm has its own highly qualified personnel for drafting contracts, development of building plans, estimations, leasing, acting as project leader, financing and selling activities. As a result the firm can react flexibly and quickly to all prospects appearing on the market. As well as developing its own individual property projects, Ten Brinke Projektentwicklung also co-operates in 20 joint ventures, either as individual projects or complete schemes.

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