BIM and LEAN Building

Being of extra value to our clients is our motivation. We get inspired amongst other things by the Lean philosophy. This leads to the development of our own view on the building process: 
Building Lean according Imetaal Staalbouw bv. 

The most important points for building Lean to us are optimizing cooperation with the client and his professional team and creating customer value and in the summary of  ISO 9001: say what you are doing, do what you say and prove it.


Imetaal is used to working with BIM. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. In this model a building is built up in 3D. All the main parties are working in this model and add the parts that they are designing. The model is therefore always up-to-date for all parties and saves all relevant information during the whole design process. Working with BIM reduces failure costs, reduction in time and an even better cooperation what results in a better result.

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