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Residential property

You are dreaming of living in your own house?

Ten Brinke Wohnungsbau specialises in the development and construction of residential projects in Germany, in particular in North Rhine-Westfalia, the Rhine-Main area and Bavaria.



You prefer an apartment to a house?

Especially people in urban centres consider this option. We establish small or large residential housing estates in accordance with your individual interior requirements. If you want, even with an underground car park.


Model houses


In our model houses you will find out how your ideas of interior design, of comfort and of cosiness can become reality. Even before moving in, you can feel how it feels like to live in your new home.




Musterhaus Mülheim a. d. Ruhr

Hundsbuschstraße 98
45478 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr
Besichtigung nach Terminabsprache
(Verkaufsteam Remscheid, Tel.: 02191 4970330)


Musterhaus Wolfratshausen

Auenstraße 13a
82515 Wolfratshausen
Besichtigung nach Terminabsprache
(Verkaufsteam Wolfratshausen, Tel.: 08171 42400)

Shopping and retail centers /supermarkets /discounters

We create worlds of shopping!

Benefit from years of experience in the construction of shopping
centers and retail centers, as well as supermarkets and discounters.




Office properties


Well-designed worksites - happy employees!

We create the space and realize your wishes starting from the initial planning down till the turnkey handover.

DIY Stores

Your customer the Handyman!

Our client is you!

For over decades, we provide our customers with the perfect solutions for hardware
and garden stores.


Car Dealers / gas stations / truck stops / park homes


Mobility is important!
Our specialists in the planning and construction of car dealerships, gas stations, truck stops and parking garages.


Logistics / Hall-construction


Tailor-made solutions!
We offer, whether it is a logistics center, industrial-, commercial-, manufacturing production, cooling-, storage or exhibition hall.



Retirement- and nursing centers / clinics



Your competent partner when it comes to building in the health sector with a long
tradition in construction and over 110 years of experience.


Residential and commercial properties


In addition to private property, we also realize larger residential and commercial buildings, we are also active in the multistory housing.

Fastfood Restaurants



Everyone knows them

            - we build them!



Sport facilities


Football, Handball, Athletics ...
The variety of sports, create a lot of demands to the sport facilities. We create the space for sporting success.

Construction locations wanted – Commercial Real Estate


The development of a project starts with finding the right location.

That is why Ten Brinke is constantly looking for suitable land in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Greece. We are interested in and looking for sites, with or without existing buildings, that we can rebuild/develop for new commercial property (retail, office, logistics) and homes.


Are you the owner of land or property? You are considering selling?  Please contact us!

Construction locations wanted

Construction Locations wanted – 


So that we further can continue beautiful residential project, we constantly looking for suited locations for the construction of single family homes, multi-family homes or a combination of residential and commercial buildings. These locations are situated in central downtown locations or district centers.