Criteria for choosing a project

In order to possibly receive funding through Ten Brinke Foundation and thus to become a Ten Brinke Foundation Project, any project has to meet the following criteria set up by Ten Brinke Foundation.


  • Only projects in the world´s poorest countries and regions shall be considered.
  • The project´s target shall be to contribute to the economic development of the respective region.
  • The country in which the projects is being realised must be politically stable.
  • The project must be able to fully support itself within a three-years-period.
  • Any funding-request must comprise a budget over this three-year-period.
  • Preferably, the project´s structure allows a key-sponsorship by Ten Brinke Foundation to the extent of at least 75 percent and up to 100 percent of the project.
  • Only projects whose project partners are located in the Netherlands or Germany will be supported.
  • Subsequent to the project´s financial support through Ten Brinke Foundation, quarterly reporting regarding the project´s development is to be provided by the project on regular basis.


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