Historic milestones

  1. Theodorus ten Brinke starts his own business. This is the beginning Ten Brinke.

  2. The second generation enters the company: Wiet ten Brinke Sr., Hendrik ten Brinke and Dorus ten Brinke.

  3. The third generation enters the company: cousins Wiet ten Brinke Jr. and Hans ten Brinke. After a while, cousin Arnold ten Brinke also followed.

  4. Ten Brinke moves to its current location in Varsseveld. In the next twenty years, the company experienced significant growth.

  5. With the arrival of namesake Albert ten Brinke, the project development activities expanded considerably.

  6. Ten Brinke celebrates its 100 years of existance. A fact that is celebrated with colleagues and relations.

  7. Founding of Ten Brinke Desarrollos in Spain.

  8. Ten Brinke Hellas is also founded in Greece.

  9. Establishment of the Ten Brinke Foundation under the motto "Helping people to help themselves".

  10. Ten Brinke celebrates 115 years of building together with colleagues and their families.


  11. The 1000th employee starts by Ten Brinke and the start of the first project in Portugal is a fact.


Almost 120 years


1.000 employees by the Ten Brinke Group


In 2017, Ten Brinke Group celebrated the -115 years of building together- with colleagues and families. Currently, Ten Brinke Group has approx. 850 colleagues and 26 branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Greece.


Due to the international character of the group, Ten Brinke now continues under Ten Brinke Group.


Establishment of the Ten Brinke Foundation under the motto "Helping people to help themselves" with the aim of promoting and developing projects in the world's poorest countries.


Due to the growth, the main building in Varsseveld is expanded in 2008. This year, Ten Brinke Hellas is Founded in Greece.


Ten Brinke Desarrollos was founded in Spain in 2005.


In 2002, Ten Brinke celebrated its one hundredth anniversary with its employees and customers.


The arrival of a namesake, Albert ten Brinke, resulted in a massive expansion of project development activities. Ten Brinke is a household name in development and construction in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.


Ten Brinke outgrew its original premises and in 1982 it moved from the Doetinchemseweg to its present location on Burgemeester van der Zandestraat 21, still in Varsseveld. The company experienced significant growth over the next twenty years.


In 1966 it was time for the third generation to step up: the cousins Wiet ten Brinke Jr. and Hans ten Brinke joined the business, followed some time later by Arnold ten Brinke, who set up a joinery department. Together they worked hard to grow the business and completed their first projects in Germany. As a result of establishing and acquiring different companies.


In 1950, Wiet ten Brinke Sr., Hendrik ten Brinke and Dorus ten Brinke took over the business. The advent of this second generation made the establishment of Metsel- en Aannemersbedrijf Gebroeders Ten Brinke (Ten Brinke Brothers Builders and Contractors) a reality.


In 1902, Theodorus ten Brinke set up in business as an independent building contractor on the Doetinchemseweg in Varsseveld. His business grew steadily and was contracted to build homes and commercial premises.