Education center for electricians - Gambia

In Sifoe (Gambia) the building of a new education center for electricians has been able to start with the support of the Ten Brinke Foundation. The public power grid in Gambia is developing since 2014 and there is lack of similar education.

Cow Project Sri Lanka

In April 2015 the Ten Brinke Foundation gave green light for the launch of a new aid project in Sri Lanka. The project´s scope is the purchase of about 30 dairy cows to be distributed to about 20 families in the region Solepura in Sri Lanka. The project was developed in cooperation with the Foundation HAS (NL) and NEDLA (Sri Lanka), who organize this together.

Fishfarm - Luangwa Zambia

People who are living in area which are nearby wild reservations and national parks are having great difficulties, to provide in their livelihood. Due to the conflicts between animal and human kind, it’s hard to realize some agricultural activities.

Bamboo project in Ghana

Our foundation finances the planting of about 4 ha of bamboo in cooperation with Stichting Barbarugo

Farm Malawi

The Ten Brinke Foundation has started a new farming project in Malawi for a family of 23 orphans. In order to ensure their livelihood, the family grows fruit and vegetables for sale. This income also enables the children to attend school.

Farm Project Niger

The most threatening factor to the existence of the Nigerien population are regularly recurring droughts and food shortages.