Partners and cooperation

One of the greatest advantages to cooperation is that it enables you to share your knowledge, with the ultimate goal of achieving true synergy. Ten Brinke is a reliable partner for investors, funds, housing associations, care organisations, municipalities and co-property developers. Our network is both broad and close-meshed, ranging from architects, urban planners and consultants to building contractors. By sharing our knowledge and experience, as well as our risks, we can offer our clients the security of a stable foundation. In addition to this, our relationship with our business partners is based on a mutual predilection for pushing our boundaries and thinking outside the box.

(Re-)development sites and projects wanted!

We would like to get in touch with parties who can offer us (new) development sites and/or development projects. We are also open to project-related and structural cooperation with owners, investors, end users and developers.
Our requirements: Minimum project size of approx. 20 residential units or 2,500 m² GFA in areas with good market demand, with a start of realisation/construction possible within approx. 3 years.