Quality and reliability in all areas

Young and dynamic - like never before

The Ten Brinke Group, already in existence for more than 115 years, but under the guidance of Albert ten Brinke, still young and dynamic like never before. The Group has become an international operating and successful real estate company with over 1.000 employees, a turnover of approximately 950 million Euros and branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

All-round service for your property

We cover the entire range of project development: land acquisition, providing for construction and utilisation concepts, financing, planning, construction, sales, letting and asset management. After all these years of specialisations and expansions, we are proud to maintain traditional core values such as our special combination of Dutch trading mentality and flexibility with typical German thoroughness.

Our aim: to take up opportunities and avoid riks

At the same time, we stand for high innovative energy: Both, within the Group and regarding our employees' skills. Whether the economy is bullish or bearish, we don't rest on our laurels, but continuously adapt to present market conditions - by investing and grasping opportunities, or by holding back, in any case always avoiding risks and with an eye on our overall strategy. Dynamics is in our nature and innovation plus tradition integral part of our everyday Business.

Ten Brinke Group – more than 115 years

Today, the fourth generation of the Ten Brinke family is at the helm and the company can look back on over 115 years of building expertise and property know-how. It has grown from a building contractor into an international, innovative builder, project developer, financier and investor with in the meantime more than 1.000 employees.

Ten Brinke Group: a pioneering company with its own identity and tradition and the strong roots of a family Company.

115 years Ten Brinke Group

History of the Ten Brinke Group

  1. Theodorus ten Brinke starts his own business. This is the beginning Ten Brinke Group.

  2. The second generation enters the company: Wiet ten Brinke Sr., Hendrik ten Brinke and Dorus ten Brinke.

  3. The third generation enters the company: cousins Wiet ten Brinke Jr. and Hans ten Brinke. After a while, cousin Arnold ten Brinke also followed.

  4. Ten Brinke moves to its current location in Varsseveld. In the next twenty years, the company experienced significant growth.

  5. With the arrival of namesake Albert ten Brinke, the project development activities expanded considerably.

  6. Ten Brinke celebrates its 100 years of existance. A fact that is celebrated with colleagues and relations.

  7. Founding of Ten Brinke Desarrollos in Spain.

  8. Ten Brinke Hellas is also founded in Greece.

  9. Establishment of the Ten Brinke Foundation under the motto "Helping people to help themselves".

  10. Due to the international character of the group, Ten Brinke continues as the Ten Brinke Group.


  11. The Ten Brinke Group celebrates 115 years of building together with colleagues and their families.


  12. The 1000th employee starts at the Group and the start of the first project in Portugal is a fact.


Ten Brinke Group - Cooperation

Always striving for cooperation

The advantages in cooperating are to share knowledge and expertise with the aim to achieve effective synergies.
The Ten Brinke Group is a reliable partner for investors, funds, housing associations, health care providers, municipalities and other developers. Thus, our network is broad and dense. We are united with our partners by our common approach to challenge each other and to pioneer new ways.

Ten Brinke Academy

The Ten Brinke Academy was founded in October 2013 and pursues the following objectives within the Ten Brinke Group:

  • Employee training
  • Quality improvement in planning and execution
  • Minimization of error costs by sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Possibility of further development through targeted training courses

Several types of training are available for this purpose:

  • E-learning
  • Group training and seminars
  • Training and Coaching

Ten Brinke - E-Learning

“You decide when, where and how accelerating your knowledge base!“
E-Learning refers to all forms of learning in which electronic or digital media is used. Ten Brinke creates ist own interactive e-learning modules for this purpose and makes them availabe on the internet. Ten Brinke E-Learning focusses on offering learning to every employee according to his/her position and interests. This for example in the areas of building technology (state-of-the-art construction), building law (contracting), building regulations and operations,etc.

Group training and seminars

"Knowledge for everyone!“
The Ten Brinke Academy organises groupwise training sessions on specific topics within the Group as required. The range of training topics diverses between technical drawing applications, manyfold software applications and language trainings. The group trainings are conducted in small groups of approx. 12 persons. Seminars are intended for a maximum of 25 people.

Training und Coaching

"Nobody gets lost..."
Ten Brinke Group also offers a traineeship programme. Within this programme trainees are accompanied personally or in very small groups (approx. 2 or 3 persons) with an expertised colleague from project managing boards. Weekly sessions aim on delivering and exchanging  expertise and practical experiences,  which are esspecially generated within the Ten Brinke Group, to youngsters and young professionals.

Ten Brinke Foundation

Socially responsible entrepreneurship requires social involvement

Based on this conviction, the Ten Brinke Group founded the Ten Brinke Foundation some years ago. The aim of the foundation: improve the living conditions of people in the poorest countries of the world in a targeted approach for the long term by providing active support.



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