Regardless of size or scope: we are eager to take up the challenge

Over the years, Ten Brinke has grown into a construction and property development company with a thorough command of all facets of the property market, from the initial conceptualisation of a project to its completion. Our projects consist of full-scale area development, urban development and stand-alone real estate projects, all in the broadest sense of the word. Today, we can rely on the many years of expertise we have accumulated in the field of construction and property development, and our name is firmly anchored in the market.

All our branches can avail itself of the necessary expertise in property development and construction and have the capacity to work at both regional and national level. With acquisition, property development, the preparation and realisation of construction projects, real estate consultancy and post-completion services under one and the same roof, we are able to respond quickly and adequate to all new developments, whether in general or specifically tailored to our market.

Our expertise

We employ highly qualified experts for the development, preparation and execution of all construction plans:

  • Market analyses and utilisation concepts
  • Purchase and securing of land
  • Legal coordination with cities and municipalities
  • Leasing and rental
  • Support in development plans and procedures
  • Submitting building application, obtaining building permits
  • Tendering
  • Sales management
  • Realisation of turnkey construction projects
  • Transformation and restoration of existing and heritage-listed buildings

Our projects

Our projects consist of full-scale area development, urban development and stand-alone real estate projects, all in the broadest sense of the word:

  • Flats and ground-level residences
  • Retail (including supermarkets)
  • Periphery retail trade (including the DIY market)
  • Hospitality and catering industry (including hotels and fast food)
  • Parking facilities (including garages and buildings)
  • Office buildings
  • Logistics warehouses and production halls
  • Social facilities (including care flats, medical centres and hospitals)

Our USP's

  • We have an outstanding knowledge of the market at regional, national and international level, and maintain close contact with all participants on the market.
  • We unburden our customers and keep the entire process, from the initial purchase up to the delivery and post-completion services, under our own management. This means that our customers can be assured of working in close consultation with the same team of reliable experts from start to finish.
  • Our employees from the construction and development divisions are assigned to project-specific teams from the very start, with a view to developing and executing fully customised projects.
  • The backing of the group and commitment of the entire organisation guarantees the quality and the reliability of our real estate projects. This facilitates and shortens the entire operational process and duration of a project to a considerable extent, enabling us to work quickly, accurately and in a targeted manner.