Who we are

Ten Brinke is a genuine family business, which is reflected in our culture, our values and our flat organisational structure. Our highest priority is to satisfy the personal wishes and requirements of our clients and business partners.

Let’s start at the beginning: the moment that Theodorus ten Brinke founded his company, 120 years ago today. Business was going very well, and soon Ten Brinke was experiencing solid, continuous growth. In the meantime, we have grown into an internationally operating organisation with branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Greece and a workforce of around 1,300 employees that is capable of achieving an average annual revenue of approximately one billion euros.

Our operations encompass all activities in the field of construction and property development, in which we have gleaned considerable expertise in the past 120 years. Our extensive know-how in both property development and the construction business enables us to cover the entire value chain of the real estate market, from private residences to complex large-scale industrial projects. This guarantees a solid basis for cooperation and makes us a reliable partner.

We owe our growth as an organisation to our employees: people who dare to venture off the beaten track and are not afraid to chase their dreams.

From small to large, from regional to international: we rise to every challenge

As a specialist in residential and commercial real estate, we have built a reputation for ourselves primarily through our retail and office projects. However, the past few years have seen us increasingly shift our focus to residential construction. The continuous influx of residents into urban agglomerations has led us to become increasingly involved in more and more activities in the area of inner city development through such activities as the carefully considered merging of commercial and residential construction projects.

In this, we favour an open dialogue with our current as well as prospective clients, and adapt to the challenges of the market. The driving force behind our activities is a keen desire to realise projects that are tailored to our clients in terms of use, quality, costs and time. This can be achieved thanks to the expert advice we provide during the development, planning and construction phases of a project and our close cooperation with regional subcontractors.

Our expertise

  • Preparation of market analyses and development of market-oriented utilisation concepts
  • Procurement and securing property
  • Legal coordination with cities and municipalities
  • Rental and leasing
  • Support for development plans and regional planning procedures
  • Submitting building applications, obtaining building permits
  • Tendering for general contracting orders
  • Sales management
  • Realisation of turnkey construction projects

Our projects

  • Residential buildings
  • Retail properties, supermarkets and DIY stores
  • Healthcare centres
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Hotels
  • Car dealerships and car dealership centres

We employ highly qualified professionals for the drafting of contracts, the development, preparation and execution of all construction plans, project management and financing, cost calculation and leasing, as well as all sales activities.

Our USP's

  • We have extensive market intelligence at regional, national and international level, and maintain close contact with all relevant actors.
  • We are actively engaged in all phases of a project, from start to finish. This means that our clients can be assured of having the same team of competent and highly experienced experts at their side from the initial conception to the ultimate realisation of their project.
  • Our contact persons are highly qualified and always happy to listen to our clients’ input, even during the construction period.
  • We involve our construction department at an early stage in the planning process with a view to developing and executing fully customised projects for our clients.
  • The support of the entire organisation guarantees the quality and reliability of our real estate projects. This facilitates and considerably shortens the entire operational process and duration of a project, enabling us to work quickly, accurately and in a goal-oriented manner.

Core values

The core values are the foundation of the choices we make. They are the core of our identity, the common denominator.

What do we consider important and how is it expressed? Our colleagues will be happy to tell you about that.


Everything we undertake fits in the bigger picture. We dedicate our focus on the development of living and working environments in which everyone can grow and feel good. We are committed to our people and the relationships around us. They can count on us and we count on them. Working with our customers, we convert our visions into projects that design the future of living and working. As a developing builder and a building developer, Ten Brinke contributes to the morrow.


Our commitment demands awareness. We are aware of the impact of our choices. We dare to look at who we are, the contribution we make and the influence we have on our surroundings. Here and now, in the rest of the world and later. We know the risks and weigh them up. Good business practices mean taking responsibility. That is why we keep both feet firmly on the ground and we dare to look critically at what we do.


With our professional expertise we know where we stand and what we can do. What we can’t do yet, we learn, and what we don’t have, we create. This is how we boost careers and renew ourselves. With our knowledge and insights, we impact the entire chain, and we inspire the market with our growth. That makes Ten Brinke the developing builder and the building developer.