Our Academy

The Ten Brinke Academy was founded in October 2013 and pursues the following objectives within Ten Brinke:

  • Employee training
  • Quality improvement in planning and execution
  • Minimization of error costs by sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Possibility of further development through targeted training courses

Several types of training are available for this purpose:


“You decide when, where and how to learn!“
E-Learning refers to all forms of learning in which electronic or digital media is used. Ten Brinke creates its own interactive E-learning modules for this purpose and makes them available on the Learning Management System (LMS). Ten Brinke E-Learning focusses on offering learning to every employee according to his/her position and interests. Ten Brinke Academy has built 60 E-learning modules of its own. This for example in the areas of building technology (state-of-the-art construction), building law (contracting), building regulations and operations, etc. Furthermore, we have implemented 120 modules of personal growth into our LMS. From the beginning in 2015 until today we are proud announcing more than 6500 modules being successfully finished.

Group training and seminars

"Knowledge for everyone!“
The Ten Brinke Academy organizes groupwise training sessions on specific topics within the Group as required. The range of training topics diverses between technical drawing applications, manifold software applications and language trainings. The group trainings are conducted in small groups of approx. 12 persons. Seminars are intended for a maximum of 25 People. In company education offers us the opportunity to react intensively on the specific knowledge gap of our employees.

Training und Coaching

"Nobody gets lost..."
Ten Brinke also offers a traineeship program. Within this program trainees are accompanied personally or in very small groups (approx. 2 or 3 persons) with an experienced colleague with project managing skills. Monthly sessions aim on delivering and exchanging expertise and practical experiences,  which are especially generated within Ten Brinke, to youngsters and young professionals. For the best result for our customers and our employees we inforce personal coaching to improve individuals.

Skills as: communication, Time management, teamwork, etc.