Our colleagues

Lara Schilling

Project Development

What do you think is positive about the Ten Brinke culture?
At Ten Brinke you can feel the mentality of a family business. You have the feeling that you can contribute to something big. You become aware of the esteem in which each employee is held every day. The financial strength of the company gives you the necessary security.
Are there any special demands that Ten Brinke requests from you? Is your area of responsibility limited or do you have room to develop?
A big advantage is the independence in the way I work. You are given a lot of responsibility, but for me this is an incredible opportunity. The range of tasks is as varied as can be. There is no talk of monotonous work here! The daily challenges let you grow and motivate me immensely.
What is the appeal of the function for you?
For me, the appeal is clear: the opportunity to take something into your own hands and implement it together in a team! Ten Brinke is a company with a long tradition, but it is also open enough to explore new avenues.

Henk Naafs

Manager Advies & Engineering

Ten Brinke is at home in all facets of the construction process. This enables us to make our own decisions and determine the course of the building process. I love this because it allows me to make my own decisions, it gives me a very varied job where I can always learn and develop - and that makes me happy. At Ten Brinke there is a real "no-nonsense culture", i.e. honestly talking things through, making mistakes, learning from each other and not letting opportunities undone out of fear to fail. I personally chose Ten Brinke because there are really great, international challenging projects, short communication channels and no standard solutions.

Janika Webers

Purchasing/Work preparation

How do you experience the international character of Ten Brinke?
The intercultural cooperation at Ten Brinke works very well. The work culture is predominantly Dutch but our construction projects are in Germany. At the office we speak Dutch and German because we have mixed teams.
What do you like about your job?
I like the fact that, in addition to my job as a buyer, I also do the work preparation for the building component before I pass the work on to our contractors. That makes my work more varied and extensive.
What are the advantages of working for Ten Brinke in this position?
At Ten Brinke we work in project teams. This means that as a buyer/work planner I experience all phases of a project from A to Z and come into contact with various building components.

Dennis Mengerink

Construction Manager

I am Dennis Mengerink, I live in Terborg with my wife Petra and my 3 daughters, Yannique, Brianne and Elena, and have been working for Ten Brinke in Doetinchem for about 13 years.

What makes Ten Brinke unique as an employer?
They know how to get something positive out everything - even a crisis.

What do you enjoy most in working for Ten Brinke?
The freedom, the particular diversity of projects and facing a new challenge every time.

How do you experience the growth/career opportunities within Ten Brinke?
For those who want to grow and have the potential, there are opportunities and possibilities. Of course, in return you have to live up to the trust and expectations. But you will get all the support you need to succeed in your goals.

Sjoerd Helmink


From the first line on paper to the last screw on the building site at Ten Brinke you can decide where you want to make a contribution in this process. Show where your strengths lie and you will be given the space to develop. That makes my work as a technical illustrator at Ten Brinke special. They have also implemented the BIM (Building Information Modeling) software/ program which provides data that can be extracted, exchanged or networked to support decision-making regarding a built asset.

Paul Müller

Project Manager

How does Ten Brinke differ from its competitors / other similar companies?
There is a very personal approach to employees, partly due to the fact that the offices are not too big. For me it feels that everyone is valued as an individual employee and not just a human recourse.
What do you think distinguishes Ten Brinke?
A family working atmosphere. Ten Brinke is not dependent on outside capital and can therefore react and act quickly and efficiently.
What do you like about your work?
I can and must make my own decisions. I have varied tasks because I am either in the office or on the construction site and I have a very collegial working environment.