Colleagues on tour through Namibia

Six colleagues - along with their partners - were offered a 14-day tour of Namibia. The round trip took place at the end of October. Every year, Ten Brinke offers several colleagues and their partners a two-week holiday to one of the countries in which the Foundation operates. This is both to bring Ten Brinke Foundation to the attention of colleagues and as a token of appreciation for their efforts. By visiting the country, we also help people who need our help more than ever: travelling with a purpose.

The trip
The colleagues and their partners were able to see various projects in Namibia with their own eyes. These included meeting the San people and visiting the Na'ankuse Health Clinic in Epukiro. This clinic provides free basic health care to more than 3,500 patients annually. More than 40 per cent of the patients treated are children and more than 90 per cent are San Bushmen. Work at the clinic is mainly focused on combating tuberculosis among the San population. They also visited Harnas Wildlife Foundation, a sustainable wildlife sanctuary and refuge for wild animals. Animals that are e.g. injured are cared for here and can then be reintroduced to the wild.

Besides the project visits, the round trip was a great opportunity to enthuse people not only about the work of the Na'ankuse Foundation, but also about the country itself. A visit to the following highlights could therefore not be missed:

  • Etosha National Park, one of South Africa's largest nature parks;
  • Brandberg, Namibia's highest mountain massif with rock drawings from the San people dating back ±45 000 years;
  • Spitzkoppe, a granite island mountain in the Namib Desert;
  • coastal city of Swakopmund;
  • Sossusvlei, a clay valley in the middle of the Namib Desert.

There were also cool activities planned such as Cheetah walks, game drives during sunset and a 4x4 game drive through the Namib Desert. A trip never to forget!

Colleagues' experiences
Marian, one of the participants about the unforgettable trip: "It was really fantastic and very impressive! We saw with our own eyes what is being done for the wildlife and that a lot of money is needed for this. We got to know the San people. A complete aid programme has been set up for these people, who live in shacks and conditions of poverty. Think of a hospital, a small school, better huts, etc. Money is needed for this too. It's nice that there are people who make the case for this.

And Namibia? A very large and beautiful country with an enormous diversity in terms of landscape. The presence of wild animals almost everywhere. Super friendly people who also know how to make the most delicious dishes.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely and we will think back with nostalgia to our fantastic trip in this beautiful country and with a great group!"

Cooperation Na'ankuse
Ten Brinke is a partner of the Na'ankuse Foundation in Namibia. The Na´ankuse Foundation currently operates 5 lodges for ecological tourism. Many members of the "San" people, or Bushmen, the oldest indigenous tribe in Namibia, work here. Together with the Na´ankuse Foundation, we are looking for solutions to keep the approximately 300 jobs for the San and create even more jobs in ecological tourism. In addition, Na'ankuse focuses on resolving conflicts between humans and animals (especially feline predators) and protecting the landscape and reforestation activities.

Involved companies

  • Ten Brinke Foundation