Farm Malawi

Update August 2022

Corona also hit the population in Malawi hard. For example, fertilizer prices for farmers have risen extremely. In light of this, more and more farmers want to be trained by Loyce on how to eliminate the need for artificial fertilizers by making and using compost.

June 2021

In April 2021, Loyce Sikakula completed a 6-week training program with financial support from the Ten Brinke Foundation. She was taught sustainable agriculture, composting, vegetable and mushroom farming, beekeeping and forestry. The goal of the course was not only for Loyce to benefit from this knowledge on her farm, but also for her to pass on this knowledge as a trainer to the farmers in her village and the surrounding area, thus promoting village structures and earning opportunities overall. Immediately after completing the training, Loyce started to implement what she had learned. Compost heaps have been created, and the harvest yields have already increased considerably. A bee farm is being set up. Further, the cultivation of mushrooms is planned.


The orphanage of Loyce has been supported several times by donations from the employees of the Ten Brinke Group, for example for the construction of toilets and the furnishing of the dormitories. The construction of the new kindergarten and additional dormitories for the children was also made possible by this. 

2016 -to the beginnings of the project

With funds from the Ten Brinke Foundation, a plot of land of approximately 2 hectares was purchased for Loyce and her husband Mike. Loyce and her husband together with their two children and 23 orphans form a family. On the land, they grow fruits and vegetables to support the family's livelihood. Part of the yield can be sold to generate income. Thanks to this income, the children have the possibility to go to school and to buy the necessary school equipment. In addition to taking care of the children and farming , Loyce also takes care of a kindergarten with about 50 children. A few months ago, 30 chickens and 20 goats were purchased for the family.  Due to the small living space of the family, the 25 children were divided into 2 small bedrooms at night. Currently, a new building is being constructed next to the house with additional sleeping space for the children. The construction of these additional bedrooms is expected to be completed in a few weeks.

Involved companies

  • Ten Brinke Foundation