Malawi - cooking stoves

In many parts of Malawi, cooking is still done with wood over an open fire. On the one hand, this is a great source of danger, as it causes burns to small children, and on the other hand, it affects the lung health of the people who breathe in the smoke. Firewood is also becoming scarce and has to be bought at a high price, as the government is cracking down on illegal logging.

Against this background, the Humission e.V. Foundation has launched a project whereby local masons have been trained to build small clay stoves. By means of these stoves, approx. 50% of fuel can be saved, and in addition, the smoke is discharged to the outside through a small chimney. The construction of 240 stoves is planned for 2023, and this will also provide 11 stove builders with a working income.

We are pleased to be able to support this project financially.

Involved companies

  • Ten Brinke Foundation