We are extremely proud of our business model in retail.

Firstly, let us mention that we are very satisfied with growth rates over the last year, in which we have reached a great figure of supermarkets promoted in Spain. We have great expectations for 2022 in the retail sector, which will be the year in which we inaugurate the ambitious Mirasierra Gallery shopping centre in Mirasierra (Madrid), and construction will begin for the Tarraco Centrum shopping centre in Tarragona, as well as for the commercial and business space located in Tiro Janer, San Fernando (Cadiz).

Our business model has been a resounding success within the retail sector, which the health crisis has placed on the front line, giving it a vital role within society and adapting 100% to the changes produced in consumer habits.

A business model based on creating commercial spaces near city centres, with architectonic designs that adapt perfectly to the environment, equipped with large energy saving systems and effective waste management, where we have included commercial services of basic necessity, such as supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies or pet stores.

Close proximity retail parks have been the real victors during the pandemic, becoming real strategic points for the whole population, encompassing large areas of influence, with access and parking facilities, essential for those who need to purchase food, buy medicine, refuel their car or look after their pet in an agile, fast and safe way.

We must also not forget the role of shopping centres as physical points of sale; in an era of the online shopping boom, they have proved essential in terms of supporting online sales and fulfilling the function of logistic warehouses, given their proximity to city centres.

We are convinced that close proximity retail parks will continue to be one of the most strengthened sectors, with large supermarket chains increasingly more interested in counting on spaces near urban areas, and in this, Ten Brinke Spain has a great deal of product to offer.

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