Sri Lanka - From cow project to own dairy

With the aim of making several families in Sri Lanka self-sufficient, the  Ten Brinke Foundation financed the purchase of 15 cows for several farmers in 2016. In the following years, further financing followed, so that in total the purchase of around 75 cows for farmers was financed.

Meanwhile, 40 farmers are able to generate an income for themselves and their families thanks to the cow project. Together, the farmers currently keep around 300 cows and have also set up their own dairy, which currently employs seven people. The dairy produces yogurt and curd cheese under the name "Ten Brinke Farmers Association." The idea behind the project was to make the farmers self-sufficient. As the Ten Brinke Foundation, we want to support as many families as possible. Therefore, at the time, it was agreed with the farmers that they would pass on a calf to another family within five years, so that this family could also eventually become self-sufficient. In this way, we help to create a better future for all.