Ten Brinke grows and grows

A special moment for the entire group of companies. And so the welcoming of the number 1,000, in this case for the colleague Melanie Engelken from Bocholt, is a special and heartfelt affair in equal measure.

Melanie works as a financial accountant and was warmly welcomed by the managing director Peter Zents (finance) and the department heads Sandra Selke and Dieter Wielers and congratulated on this special number. We warmly welcome you to this special number of 1,000 at the Ten Brinke Group," said Zents.

We are delighted that you have found your way to the Ten Brinke Group and will enrich our company with your talent and commitment. We wish you every success in your new role," said Peter Zents.

When asked why she had just applied to our group of companies, Melanie replied that she was very interested in the combination of German and Dutch work culture and that working in the financial accounting department of such an extensive and successful group of companies was an exciting working environment with many opportunities for personal and professional development.

Peter Zents can only support and confirm this: "Our working atmosphere at the Ten Brinke Group is characterised by good cooperation at all levels and respectful interaction with one another. This contributes significantly to our success".

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