Farm Malawi

With the support of the Ten Brinke Foundation, Loyce and her husband Mike purchased a plot of land of about 2 hectares on which fresh vegetables are grown.
Loyce and her husband form a family together with their two children and 23 orphans. They grow fruit and vegetables in the countryside to provide for the family's livelihood. Some of the fruit and vegetables are also sold to generate income. Thanks to this income, the children have the opportunity to go to school and buy the necessary school equipment. In addition to looking after the children and farming, Loyce works as a service worker in a lodge and also looks after a kindergarten with around 50 children.

A few months ago, 30 chickens and 20 goats were bought for the family. There are now 70 chickens on the farm. A stable was built for these animals. The animals are fattened and then sold. The milk and the eggs are used both for the own need and for the sales. Occasionally a chicken is slaughtered for personal consumption.


Meanwhile a new building could be built next to the house, with additional sleeping space for the children.

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