Fishfarm - Luangwa Zambia

Update January 2020

After the fish have successfully grow in the first fish basin, the construction of the second basin has now begun.


May 2019

The district Mambwe in Zambia Afrika, is no exeption in this. The population in Mambwe is growing fast and the safari tourism is not capable to offer all the people work. The limited possibilities to farm, forces some inhabited illegal people to go and work as a poacher. The poaching, sofar it won’t be bounded, will have a negative influence of the tourism so even more people will be unemployed.

To offer an alternative, the Ten Brinke Foundation has supported the realization of a fish farm. This farm offers besides employment oppurtunities more possibilities for woman to make a living by selling the fish. There are several selling points witch are picked strategically. This conducts to the foodindustry and his basic facilities so the poaching and hisnegative influence of the food chain will reduce.

There are two fish basins, the first one already is accomplished this summer. The first fish has been released in the basin and getting nursed. They expect to sell the first fish within two years.

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