Cow Project Sri Lanka

Update February 2020

The cow project in Sri Lanka is now going so well that the farmers have joined forces to set up a dairy with the support of Ten Brinke. Here in the future the milk will be processed directly into yoghurt and other milk products. The building construction process is going well.

At present, quark and yogurt are already produced under simple conditions, and the dairy farmers ensure structural improvement and expansion of production.


Update June 2018
"The cow project has a major impact on certain areas in Sri Lanka.
Families to which cows have been handed over, can pay 3 meals per day through the incomes they generate by selling milk. Furthermore, they can send their children to school. A man who specializes in making cottage cheese, buys the milk from the farmers and sells the cottage cheese successfully" says Father Ajith during his visit to our head office in Varsseveld. Father Ajith is a priest of a Catholic Church in Sri Lanka, who manages the cow project. The cottage cheese is sold in clay pots that are made by another family. Because of this, this family can generate incomes through the sale of the pots.

Update July 2017
This year, the Ten Brinke Foundation offers a total of 24 new cows for 16 new families who are on the waiting list of the cow-project in Sri Lanka. Some of these families will receive two cows. This depends on the size of their families and the available land for the cows.
Together the farmers form a community, in which knowledge and experiences about the agriculture, cows and milk production, are shared. New farmers are educated to become farmers by the experienced farmers who are educated in the initial phase of the project.
At this moment, farmers who are supported by the cow project in Sri Lanka, can generate their own incomes to fulfill their basic needs such as food, clothing and education for their kids.

April 2015
In April 2015, the Ten Brinke Foundation gave green light for the launch of a new aid project in Sri Lanka. The project´s scope is the purchase of about 30 dairy cows to be distributed to about 20 families in the region Solepura in Sri Lanka. The project was developed in cooperation with the Foundation HAS (NL) and NEDLA (Sri Lanka), who organize this together. People in Sri Lanka do not have the financial resources to take the risk to purchase their own cow. This project aims at 20 dairy farmers which are trained by local facilities.

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