29.07.2019 - Ten Brinke Hellas - News

29.07.2019 - Ten Brinke Hellas - News

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The contruction of the project in Messina has began.

18.09.2018 - Ten Brinke Group - EN - News

Ten Brinke Hellas has completed the construction of the AB supermarket in Kalamata, Greece.

26.06.2018 - Ten Brinke Group - EN - News

Official opening of the Ferrari Center Ulrich in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

15.06.2018 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

The cow project has a major impact on certain areas in Sri Lanka. Families to which cows have been handed over, can pay 3 meals per day through the incomes they generate by selling milk. Furthermore, they can send their children to school. 

A man who specializes in making cottage cheese, buys the milk from the farmers and sells the cottage cheese successfully. The cottage cheese is sold in clay pots that are made by another family. Because of this, this family can generate incomes through the sale of the pots.