New building GIZ – major project in the history of Ten Brinke

23.12.2015 - Ten Brinke Group - EN - News

The contract of sale for the new headquarter of GIZ in Bonn has been signed on

December 17th.

Next to the already existing Mäanderbau – B9 offices in Bonn will be built another office-building about seven floors with round about 30.000 m² for 850 workplaces as well as an underground car park on two floors for 350 cars. The customer, GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), will invest 158 million EUR in it.

The completion of the building is intended for mid-2019.

23.12.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Out of a little initiative has become a new tradition. In view of the many requests for charitable donations during the Christmas time, the staff of Ten Brinke had the idea to make a direct contribution to one of the projects of our Ten Brinke Foundation.

Schooling of Yona and Eliasi in Arusha, Tanzania

21.12.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

It’s never too late to learn. The education/training costs of these two young men were taken over by Ten Brinke Foundation.

Milk cans for the proud farmers

19.11.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News


The farmers received new milk cans now to transport the milk to the dairy


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Cabbage everywhere you look

12.11.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News


Cabbage also thrives on the farm of Ten Brinke Foundation in Niamey exquisite!


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Visualisierung Wageningen

Student Campus in Wageningen

02.10.2015 - Ten Brinke Group - EN - News

On Wednesday 23 September 2015 the construction of Campus Plaza starts officially: a building complex of 440 studios for students with 1.300 m2 shopping facilities, restaurants and cafés and 1.000 m2 day care facilities at the Campus of Wageningen UR. Initiators for Campus Plaza are Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep from Oldenzaal and Ten Brinke Slot Projectonwikkeling BV from Doetinchem. The rental of the studios will be done by student housing corporation DUWO. The complex will be completed by the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017.

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19.08.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

To intensify cooperation with the Ten Brinke Foundation and to thank for their support in recent years, some imployees of the Ten Brinke Foundation from Niger and Ghana visited our head office in Varsseveld.


Omar Barke - transporter

Bulli for Africa

16.07.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

On July 15, 2015, we were able to hand over a small van for our two farm projects in Niger and Ghana to Omar Barke, who oversees the organization of projects on site. If you could see the kilometers of the Bulli you could think the Bulli has traveled several times around the world. But it was mainly in use in Holland and Germany. We are sure that the Bulli will still provide good services on the farms in the transport of fruit, vegetables, chickens and goats.

25.06.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

It greens on our farm in Ghana. The first fruits you can see.