15.06.2018 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

The cow project has a major impact on certain areas in Sri Lanka. Families to which cows have been handed over, can pay 3 meals per day through the incomes they generate by selling milk. Furthermore, they can send their children to school. 

A man who specializes in making cottage cheese, buys the milk from the farmers and sells the cottage cheese successfully. The cottage cheese is sold in clay pots that are made by another family. Because of this, this family can generate incomes through the sale of the pots.

25.10.2017 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

The corn harvest has been successfully completed in recent days. Now the soil is prepared for the cultivation of different vegetable varieties.

20.07.2017 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

This year, the Ten Brinke Foundation offers 24 new cows for 16 new families who are on the waiting list of the cow-project in Sri Lanka. These families can generate their own incomes by selling milk to bigger milk companies.

14.02.2017 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Thanks to the staff members of the Ten Brinke Group - clean drinking water for a clinic in Ghana

13.01.2017 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

The project in Sri Lanka develops itself very positive. At this moment, a total of 34 calves were born. The farmers planned the construction of a cowshed for their animals, because at this time, only a roof is available for these animals. The farmers have saved half of the costs by themselves for the cowshed, the other half will be funded by the microcredit of the Ten Brinke Foundation.

05.12.2016 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

The first farm project of the Ten Brinke Foundation was started four years ago in Niger, outside the capital Niamey. Currently, the farm grew from originally 5 to 18 employees.

The rehabilitation and training project in Timal (Nepal) is completed.

28.09.2016 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News


We are grateful and happy to had the opportunity for meaning something for the Foundation Sathsathai Mundi and it’s effective and intensive work all these years.

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Opening of the farm in Ghana

23.03.2016 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

The official opening and dedication/inauguration of the farm in Ghana was realized on March 19, 2016. This event attracted many visitors from the surrounding villages near the capital Accra. A member of the Ten Brinke Foundation participated in this ceremony and had the honor to attend the audience with the local king.

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23.12.2015 - Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Out of a little initiative has become a new tradition. In view of the many requests for charitable donations during the Christmas time, the staff of Ten Brinke had the idea to make a direct contribution to one of the projects of our Ten Brinke Foundation.