Ten Brinke Foundation - News14.02.2017

Clean drinking water for a clinic in Ghana

Pick up water clinic

For the staff members of the Ten Brinke Group, it is a tradition to collect money for charity during Christmas. Most of the time, the initiative is coming from the staff members who are close concerned to the Ten Brinke Foundation. This is why it is obvious to support a project of the Ten Brinke Foundation. One of the advantages is that the collected money quickly end up in the right place.

There is a small and simple hospital in the environment of the Farm Project in Ghana: the Gomoa Ojobi clinic. They asked help from the Ten Brinke Group, because their watertank broke down last year. This was the great reason to start with the Christmas-activity of 2016.

A watertank of 10.000 liters was posted next to the Gomoa Ojobi Clinic in Ghana at the end of January 2017. The tank has been received by the staff of the clinic, who widely use this tank. All the names of the donors are written down on the banner. The banner is confirmed on the tank, because the staff members of the clinic are very thankful for the support and involvement.


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