Ten Brinke Foundation - Profile

About the Ten Brinke Foundation

Since a few years ago the Ten Brinke Group has been involved in several projects in Africa and Asia as well. In the meantime the Ten Brinke Foundation was founded. The Ten Brinke Foundation is a non-profit organization of the Ten Brinke Group en operates completely independently.

The fundamental idea of the Ten Brinke Foundation hereby is, investing in help projects to create employment for the people. In addition we would like to give people of these countries the opportunity to build their own existence, also to develop a sense of self-esteem with the result of that the people are not depending on help of others.

The projects are not only initiated so that they are covering costs, but that the new ideas and initiatives can be supported, and that these things are in line with the above mentioned principle.


In 2000 the United Nations set up “Millenium Development Goals” based on health, drinking water, sanitation and nutrition. The target is to halve the amount of people who were not provided good or insufficient in the year of 2000 in relation to the development goals. There are eight specific goals, the Millenium Development Goals. The Ten Brinke Foundation is committed to help and achieve these goals.