Ten Brinke Group - profile

Appreciation of Tradition and innovation

It might seem a contradiction at first, but tradition and innovation go hand in hand in the Ten Brinke Group under the leadership of Albert ten Brinke. 115 years of expertise in construction have formed Ten Brinke  into an international real estate company with 700 employees, a turnover of almost  EUR 700 million and branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Greece.

All-round service for your property

We cover the entire range of project development: land acquisition, providing for construction and utilisation concepts, financing, planning, construction, sales, letting and asset management. After all these years of specialisations and expansions, we are proud to maintain traditional core values such as our special combination of Dutch trading mentality and flexibility with typical German thoroughness.

Our aim: to take up opportunities and avoid riks

At the same time, we stand for high innovative energy: Both, within the Group and regarding our employees' skills. Whether the economy is bullish or bearish, we don't rest on our laurels, but continuously adapt to present market conditions - by investing and grasping opportunities, or by holding back, in any case always avoiding risks and with an eye on our overall strategy. Dynamics is in our nature and innovation plus tradition integral part of our everyday Business.