Ten Brinke Foundation - Current projects22.12.2016

Farm Project Ghana

Ghana is a country in Western Africa, bordering the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, and on the south by the Gulf of Guinea. Since there are already trade between the farm in Niger to Ghana, the decision was made to start their an own farm Project.

The purpose is to create employment for the local population. Fruits and vegetables grow on the farm and chickens are reared. Another purpose is training qualified specialist in agriculture so they can develop agriculture in Ghana by themselves.




In May 2015, the first fountain was drilled for the farm. In June ist already turning green and the first fruits are to be seen.

The official opening and dedication/inauguration of the farm in Ghana was realized on March 19, 2016. This event attracted many visitors from the surrounding villages near the capital Accra. A member of the Ten Brinke Foundation participated in this ceremony and had the honor to attend the audience with the local king.

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