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Farm Project Niger

Farm project pays off

Vegetable farming Niger


December 2016 - The first farm project of the Ten Brinke Foundation was started four years ago in Niger, outside the capital Niamey. After the purchase of 17.570 square meter fertile agricultural land, the first activities could be realized on the land by the people from the village. After this, some men could start with the cultivation of vegetables and fruits and they the fattening and breeding of chickens was launched. These products were sold at the local market. Currently, the farm grew from originally 5 to 18 employees.The employees are able to maintain their own family now with the income they have generated. The Ten Brinke Foundation is currently realizing a similar project in Ghana.

History of this project

Mango harvesting


The so far fertile and agriculturally used land is located near the River Niger, which influences the height of the ground water level positively and allows for irrigation of the plants. The 93 mango trees that were already planted on the property many years ago also benefit from the high water level and these fruits can now be harvested and sold in May.


In spring 2012, the area was first fenced, the farm has two commercial buildings, accommodation for two people, a shower, toilet and fountain. After the official inauguration on 12-05-2012, we started with planting vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, potatoes , etc. The goal is that 5 employees will be able to earn a sustainable income to support their families and that the planned surpluses will enable more projects to be started in the vicinity.


On this farm the production of `Terra Petra` is planned, this is black earth – humus that comes out of organic waste and manure mixed with charcoal, after that anaerobically fermented and processed by earthworms and isopods. The idea comes from a research project at the Botanical Garden in Berlin, which enables a significant increase in crop yield because of this black soil.


Since May 2013 the farm is operating completely independent. In the meantime the farm has reared chickens and goats as well.



Harvesting 2015. We had a good year.


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