Ten Brinke Foundation - Current projects30.12.2016

Liberia - chicken and pigs fatten

After many years of political unrest and the prevailing ebola outbreak, Liberia has developed itself more and more as a political stable and strong economic country. These developments are supported by, among other, stimulating financial self-sufficiency and professional education.

Unfortunately, many young people are not aware of the way in which farmers work and of the fact that they can generate income with this work. One of the reasons how they can generate income with this work, is that Liberia has a fertile soil. Purposes of this project are, for instance, make the youth aware of this, enhance the interest in agriculture and give them the opportunity to develop themselves, by the education, as farmers. These educations are realized in a multifunctional Centre that has been built in 2014.

From the point of view to generate income independently, chickens and pigs are held on the farm. These animals can be bred and then they can be sold at the local market. For this project, the building of a barn for these animals, will be funded. Another activities are preparing meals for students, to encourage and stimulate participation in the education.

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