Ten Brinke Foundation - Current projects23.09.2014

Project Mozambique

Mozambique is located in South Africa and since 1994, after a long civil war, a country with democratic structures, but still one of the poorest countries in the world. Connect International is a small development aid agency (see:www.connectinternational.nl) and pursues by their philosophy the same goal as the Ten Brinke Foundation; namely help towards self-help.

Following their philosophy the organization works in close collaboration with people in for instance Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi. The goal is to create simple facilities for daily needs of the local people manufactured by regional materials that are available in the rural areas. This concepts enables the people to maintenance and repair their facilities in the future and builds up a sustainable system. An example is the production of winches to make the pumping of water from deep well shafts possible and provide drinking water for the population.

In August 2013, the first meetings with the residents of three villages were held in the district of Meconta. The local residents were asked to describe their greatest problems and needs. The highest priorities are among other things safe water supply, health care, education and transport. By mid-September the first three wells (each about 6 m deep) were dug and about 10 latrines completed. The following project that has already started is the collection of material for the construction of a school.

Since Connect International is highly professional in their work, we rely on our strong cooperation. As it now appears we definitely can achieve great success during the next three years period of sponsorship in motivating and helping the rural population in self promoting further development.


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