Ten Brinke Foundation - Current projects11.10.2016

Sustainable agriculture in the Sahel

At the request of the foundation Aman-Iman the Ten Brinke Foundation will take care of the financial costs for the construction of a water basin in the size of 100x100 meter in Inadougoum, a small city Northern of Niger in the Sahel.

Waterbassin Ina


The plan of the foundation Aman-Iman is to deliver a water system on a plot of 5,4 hectares, which is provided by a water basin. The capacity of the tank is designed to collect enough water for a whole year.

Firstly, the inhabitants of Inadougoum will receive a training, whereby they will learn how they can grow and cultivate tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables by means of natural fertilizers. If enough water can be collected, the soil can be very fertile in Inadougoum and this will make it possible to harvest 3 or 4 times a year. Currently, it is only possible to harvest one time a year, after raining season.


The project will serve as an example project for families and farmers in the environment and sketch an image of how incomes can be generated from their own land, if enough water could be collected.


The basin was filled with rainwater for the first time in August 2016. Certainly 250 mango trees will be planted by woman's from the village. These trees will throw their first fruits after approximately 3 years. Another planned activity is planting 250 orange trees. Further vegetable cultivation will begin in the winter season.


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