We take care of all tasks in the property life cycle! And namely:

Helpdesk / Hotline for Users and Tenants
Competent and dedicated employees are at your and / or your tenants' disposal, if required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All procedures are registered and immediately processed. If you wish, you can also access our database and track the status of the procedures and their execution. The corresponding reporting can be accessed at any time. All procedures are logically linked with the individual cost centres, rental units, technical installations or maintenance contracts, allowing in this way complex analyses and reports. Therefore, our helpdesk employees can quickly recognise connections between events from the past, events in the present and contractual agreements, use optimisation potentials, avert threats successfully and simultaneously keep an eye on the costs and keep them low.

Warranty Management
This complex task, which requires both technical and legal skills, is a key component of our maintenance strategy. All authoritative data and events are registered, documented and tested by us. The interfaces between maintenance, construction and leasing are organisationally and technically mapped in such a way that for both our property managers and you, as owners and customers, all connections and authoritative terms are clearly visible.

Accounting of Operating Expenses
We understand the accounting of operating expenses as part of the ongoing controlling processes. Our custom-tailored data processing concepts allow us not only a transparent, accurate and legal creation of accounting of service charges, but also a constant provision of data and key figures for the needs of the management and customers. In this way, trends and threats can be detected on time.

Tendering, Awarding and Accounting of External Services (Maintenance and Operation)
Through our Germany-wide network of business partners, we always find the right service provider for your property. We determine the requirements, draw up the contract specifications, describe your needs and advertise the necessary services. The existing knowledge and experience in the Ten Brinke Group helps us with the control and accounting of the services. For this process the maintenance strategy, which we develop together with our customers, is of central importance. All authoritative interfaces with the tenancy agreement management, controlling, and warranty management are organisationally and technically mapped.

We constantly report on all events and key figures of your property. This happens both at property and portfolio level. Thanks to our powerful IT tools and with the help of the custom-tailored data processing concepts, we are always able to provide you "live" with all necessary key figures and specifications. The range of reports covers all processes, from warranty management and tracking of ongoing helpdesk procedures to commercial data such as development of non-recoverable operating expenses month after month.

Additional Services:

  • Development of investment concepts and strategies in terms of properties and portfolios
  • Due diligence
  • Tenancy
  • Tenant and user support
  • Tenancy agreement management
  • Rental concepts and strategies in terms of properties and portfolios
  • Bookkeeping / accounting
  • Financial statements
  • Dunning, rental collection
  • Creation and monitoring of economic plans and budgets
  • Control of the assessed value and the property taxes
  • Property management and documentation
  • Control, support and monitoring of external service providers
  • Project management (repair and modernisation works)
  • Centre management
  • Floor-space management

All processes are supported with a professional database system. Accounting, human resource management, IT and legal advice are carried out internally by employees of the Ten Brinke Group.