Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Clean drinking water for a clinic in Ghana

Thanks to the staff members of the Ten Brinke Group - clean drinking water for a clinic in Ghana

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Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Update cow project Sri Lanka

The project in Sri Lanka develops itself very positive. At this moment, a total of 34 calves were born. The farmers planned the construction of a cowshed for their animals, because at this time, only a roof is available for these animals. The farmers have saved half of the costs by themselves for the cowshed, the other half will be funded by the microcredit of the Ten Brinke Foundation.

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Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Farm project pays off

The first farm project of the Ten Brinke Foundation was started four years ago in Niger, outside the capital Niamey. Currently, the farm grew from originally 5 to 18 employees.

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Ten Brinke Foundation

The Ten Brinke Foundation is a non-profit organization that has a focus on the development projects for now in Africa; Sri Lanka and Nepal with the purpose of creating jobs for the people over there. The Ten Brinke Foundation achieves this by:


-set-up own farm projects

-support independent projects

-The provision of transport

-Investing in projects with the generated revenues of transport

-The finance of occurring costs like: development of kindergartens, build schools, deliver cook-devices on solar energy, build water wells for drink water and consultation with pregnancy and childbirth clinics,reconstruction programm Nepal, etc.


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