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Update June 2018 - Cow Project Sri Lanka

The cow project has a major impact on certain areas in Sri Lanka. Families to which cows have been handed over, can pay 3 meals per day through the incomes they generate by selling milk. Furthermore, they can send their children to school. 

A man who specializes in making cottage cheese, buys the milk from the farmers and sells the cottage cheese successfully. The cottage cheese is sold in clay pots that are made by another family. Because of this, this family can generate incomes through the sale of the pots.

Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Harvest time also in Ghana

The corn harvest has been successfully completed in recent days. Now the soil is prepared for the cultivation of different vegetable varieties.

Ten Brinke Foundation - News

Update Cow-project in Sri Lanka

This year, the Ten Brinke Foundation offers 24 new cows for 16 new families who are on the waiting list of the cow-project in Sri Lanka. These families can generate their own incomes by selling milk to bigger milk companies.

Corporate social responsibility

The Ten Brinke Foundation is a non-profit organisation financed from the Group’s own resources. The Foundation is currently involved in a variety of development projects in Africa and Asia.

Under the motto ‘From help to self-help’, the goals of the Foundation are


- the creation of jobs for example by developing and promoting our own farm projects

-through the provision of financial resources for the construction of training centres 

- the provision of microcredit financing


All these humanitarian projects are close to our heart!