Namibia - Cooperation with Na´ankuse Foundation

The Na´ankuse Foundation currently operates 5 lodges for eco-tourism, where many members of the "San-people", the Bushmen, the oldest indigenous tribe of Namibia, also work.Together with the Naankuse Foundation we are looking for solutions to preserve the approximately 300 jobs in the current Corona era.

Until the Corona crisis, the Na´ankuse Foundation has always been able to support itself financially through the income from eco-tourism as well as a volunteer program, which offers young people a multitude of opportunities to personally commit themselves to social and cultural projects on the spot in addition to relaxation. Now that tourism in Namibia has come to a complete standstill due to the Corona crisis, these jobs are at risk.

The Na´ankuse Foundation mainly focuses on the following 3 major areas of activity: -

  • Support of the original inhabitants ("San-people", the Bushmen) -
  • Solving conflicts between animals (especially felines) and humans and protecting, accommodating and returning different species to nature.
  • Protecting the landscape and planting trees

These activities also mean an income for many indigenous people and could until recently be financed from the proceeds of eco-tourism.  

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Involved companies

  • Ten Brinke Foundation