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Ten Brinke is a developing builder and a building developer. As a strong, vigorous partner, we operate at the very heart of the real estate process, seizing opportunities even before they materialise. In this, we owe our success to our entrepreneurial spirit and the flexibility of all the people who work at Ten Brinke.

Continuously on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges, we are a stable factor in a fast-moving market. Our innovative capacity and our strengths allow us to transform the ideas we conceptualise into concrete projects, in which we always strive to raise the bar yet another notch while never losing sight of the point on the horizon that symbolises our goals.

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Ten Brinke connects and demonstrates strong business acumen in all its activities. We bring innovation to the market, and dare to draw outside the lines, picking up where others have left off. This approach allows us to create new possibilities and opportunities for us and our clients.

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Are you a property owner, investor, property developer or end user, or do you have any new building sites or existing properties that are ripe for development? Our team of experts from the construction and real estate sector are here to answer all your enquiries. Get in touch with us today!

Project development

We conceptualise, plan, coordinate and realise the success of your and our projects. These projects comprise the focal point of our operations.

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Based on 120 years of experience as an expert in the construction business, Ten Brinke is the experienced and reliable partner you seek for your personal construction project. We collaborate closely with regional subcontractors and rely on modern methods and processes to ensure a smooth construction process.

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Additional services

In addition to our core competencies (construction and property development), we also offer a number of other real estate services such as rental, sales and , . To provide you with these, we rely on our extensive network of experienced partners composed of architects, asset managers, suppliers and project managers. Please feel free to contact us!


on the horizon

Over the years, Ten Brinke has grown into a developing builder and a building developer with solid experience in all facets of the real estate market, from conceptualisation to realisation. Today, we are a company that is firmly established in the market and that can look back on 120 years of experience.

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Our projects include all manner of commercial and residential real estate and inner city development, extending to care centres, hotels, retail properties, supermarkets and DIY stores, as well as the associated infrastructure and parking facilities.

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Ten Brinke

If you work at Ten Brinke, chances are that you have entrepreneurial blood coursing through your veins and a knack for turning opportunities into successes. Aided by a healthy dose of confidence and common sense, you will surely go far – or stay right where you are and do what makes you happy and gives you satisfaction.


Donation campaign Turkey and Syria

A disaster of unprecedented proportions. The devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria led to more than 50,000 deaths and tens of thousands injured. Many more people were left homeless. The will to help is also felt in our own organisation, which is why we decided to start a fundraising campaign.

Sri Lanka - From cow project to own dairy

After 7 years of successful dairy cow farming, the farmers have now started their own dairy.

Inauguration in Viana do Castelo of the first ALDI supermarket that Ten Brinke promotes in Portugal.

Today 18 November 2022 is a special date for Ten Brinke, the reason is the opening of the doors of the first supermarket of our client ALDI that we promote in Portugal.