Ukrainian honor in recognition of our commitment to people in emergency situations 

We can remember it like yesterday: the Russian troops that invaded Ukraine in late February 2022. Many people became victims of this terrible war. As Ten Brinke colleagues, we have worked together in various ways to help these victims. For this, we received a Ukrainian honor.  

Shortly after the invasion, colleagues from across the organization offered help and came up with various heartwarming initiatives. Several colleagues, including our CEO Albert ten Brinke, quickly accommodated several Ukrainian families in a home in Overijssel. We also accommodated a number of Ukrainian families in three homes in our Houthavenkade project in Zaandam. They were provided with necessary food and household goods. In the process, we helped them find their way to pay for living expenses.

Also, before winter, a truck of window frames was sent to Ukraine. These were needed because many people had to live in housing that no longer had window frames in it due to the bombing by the Russians. And that during the cold winter in Ukraine. Two of our colleagues themselves accompanied the truck with window frames to the border of Ukraine. A car was also donated to Ukraine. In it are now transported dogs, which are needed at the front to search for mines and/or are used to search for victims under the rubble of buildings collapsed by Russian bombing. In addition, three of our colleagues (the Ukraine relief team) have made several trips all the way to Ukraine with fully loaded trucks and buses, to deliver the needed supplies here. These means of transportation were deployed with the support of Ten Brinke. The donations came from our colleagues, acquaintances and various entrepreneurs who are very supportive of this initiative. The donations ended up in many different places such as hospitals, nursing homes, children's homes, shelters for refugees in Ukraine and liberated areas in Eastern Ukraine. Thus, together as a team we were able to help many victims.  

Because of all the help provided, Albert received a Ukrainian honor for people who have meant something in emergency situations. This was awarded on the recommendation of the commander of the city of Kiev. It is issued on a very limited basis. A gesture of gratitude, which Albert received in this case, but is meant for all of us.

Albert: "Because thanks to the help of our relief team and all colleagues who gave donations or were involved in another way, we could not have done all this. Through this way we would like to thank everyone for this once again, connected with the wish, that this terrible and totally senseless war may end soon and the bloodshed be stopped as soon as possible."

Involved companies

  • Ten Brinke Hellas