Students visit impressive construction site in Germany

It was a spectacular week for the students of Saxion Enschede.

The ‘2022 International Building Challenge’ had students working at Ten Brinke on the modern transformation of a site featuring several heritage-listed buildings. They visited a project on Kamenerstraße in Hamm, Germany, where there were many fascinating things for them to look at. The site is badly in need of redevelopment and construction.

As the architect of the project was also present, the students were given a unique opportunity to ask specific and technical questions, which was very interesting for them. They were keen to see the construction site in its present state and consider what they can achieve with an eye for detail. All aspects of construction must be taken into account, as many of the site’s original elements must be retained. It is an impressive construction site, where all creative ideas can be realised.

Cooperation within the groups is going well and it is wonderful to see how the groups are consolidating their talent. The project and the creative ideas began to come alive and take concrete shape as the week went on, and we are looking forward tremendously to the presentation on Friday 20 May!

See the photos for an impression of the construction site.

  • Photo 1: Hammkopftürm: this tower is one of the projects on which the students are working.
  • Photo 2: The façade of one of the buildings currently on the construction site.
  • Photo 3: Inside the ‘Lappenstube and Kaue’, another location on the site on which one of the project groups is working. The balcony on the photo immediately appealed to the students, who quickly presented all sorts of creative ideas.
  • Photo 4: Showers that formerly accommodated eight to ten people at a time in the coal and mine factory.
  • Photo 5: An interesting picture of a large hall full of clothes baskets. These were fully in use by the 5,000 workers who used to work in the coal mines here. The clothes hooks and baskets were suspended from the ceilings of the washroom where each miner had his own ‘clothes basket’ with a lock and a token. Workers stored their civilian clothing and shoes here before descending into the mines.

The clothes baskets must be retained during the redevelopment to preserve the historic ambiance.

Involved companies

  • Branch office Almelo
  • Branch office Hengelo
  • Branch office Münster
  • Branch office Varsseveld