Ten Brinke

Ten Brinke is your down-to-earth partner in construction and property development. Our intention is never to show off, but to just do a good job. That is the basic premise behind all our undertakings. This approach is engrained into our entire DNA. We don’t make things any more complicated than necessary. Instead, we focus on what is really important. We are simply who we are: Ten Brinke. Full stop. The full stop says it all. This full stop is the dot that has been part of our logo for 50 years and stands symbol for all our actions. Our clients and partners appreciate that.

Office building

Mainz, Biontech

At the end of 2021, the pharmaceutical company BioNTech SE awarded us a contract for the construction of an office building plus underground car park on the former 30-hectare IBM site on Hechtsheimer Straße.

The enjoyment we felt while working on this project is reflected in the splendid result.
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Düsseldorf Nord, Westfalenstraße

The project site, which covers more than 39,000 m², was previously an industrial estate primarily used for the production of supplier parts for the automotive industry. It is currently being transformed into an attractive residential neighbourhood with approximately 490 flats, three retail units, a day-care centre that accommodates five groups and an inviting neighbourhood square.

Home is not just a place. Home is where your heart lives.
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Berlin, Bundesallee

Ten Brinke is currently building a 176-room hotel on a 3940 m² plot on Berlin’s Bundesallee.

True hospitality means giving your guests the best of yourself.
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Residential neighbourhood with local amenities

Nuremberg, Schocken-Carré

The ‘Schocken’ department stores, established at the turn of the 19th century, comprised the heart of Nuremberg’s Südstadt for a hundred years as a popular meeting place for its residents. Small-scale commercial premises and new residential units with a landscaped courtyard and a day-care centre on the upper floors are currently being built here.

Plants only thrive in appropriate environments; so do people.
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Moers, Edeka

A local shopping centre, the new head office of EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr with a training centre and staff restaurant, a multi-storey car park and spacious outdoor facilities were built here on a plot of land measuring approximately 125,000 m².

Quality is what makes customers come back, not goods.
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Student housing

Münster, Leoland

A residential building for students and two blocks of flats with offices and commercial premises on the ground floor are currently being built on the approximately 9,530 m² site of a former ice rink on Steinfurter Straße.

The most beautiful words are not “I love you” but “It won’t be on the exam”.
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DIY store

Bremen, Schragestraße, Toom

Ten Brinke is building a new Toom DIY store, including a garden centre, on a 26,300 m² site as an addition to the shopping centre already here.

Respect for those who do it themselves.
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